Hello! Welcome to BENSBOSS. My name is Samantha, I am a highly motivated serial entrepreneur living in Manhattan, New York. I also like to consider myself a "wellpreneur". Business has always been my passion. It brings a feeling to my life that a regular 9-5 never has and never could; excitement! Learning something new every day and watching ideas transform brings me complete happiness. Living and trying to make it in this concrete adult playground amplifies my excitement for success 1000%


I'm just like you... 100% dedicated to succeeding and building my empire. But of course like anything else, there have been days where I spent most of my time crying and contemplating all of my life choices. Sound familiar? Haha. Ask me if I believe it's worth it, however, and I'll tell you a thousand times, YES.


It's not easy. I know you hear that all the time, but it's 100% the truth. When you do hear or think it, you might assume that capital is the main reason becoming an entrepreneur is so difficult. Aka, the amount of money that's required to start. 

Starting a business is going to test your patience. It's also going to test your relationships, your motives, your work-life balance, and who you are as a person. You'll quickly find out that it's important to learn how to use your resources, and what those resources are. When you enter the risk of developing something new and unfamiliar, it can get very lonely at times throughout the process. I'm not saying these things to scare anyone away from their dreams. I'm saying I get it. I understand it, and I'm here in this boat with you. I wanted to create a place for people who are "all about the Benjamins" and not afraid to take charge. On this blog site, I'll be sharing my experiences, tips & advice, informative and motivational posts, and much more.


We are in charge of our money and our lives. We are Ben's Boss! Let's learn, grow, and make our way to the top together. See ya out there!



On The Daily is a lifestyle wellness brand that I started in 2019. 


Think self-care central. I wanted to create a space where others could find wellness in all aspects of life. Whether it be by reading the OTD blog, getting tips on our social media platforms, or enjoying one or all of our awesome self-care products. 

So Wealth-Tea, a loose leaf tea company I created out of my obsession for tea culture and living a life full of health and abundance, is currently in production! Come 2022 I'll have some tasty teas and traditions to share with you. 



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