• Samantha McDougal

4 Websites That Offer Free Online Courses

Learning a new skill doesn't have to put a hole in your wallet.

Online learning

You know what they say... always be learning something new! These four learning platforms below have not only been extremely helpful to me, but to thousands of others, too. Give them a try for yourself!

1. Udemy

Let's start with the world's leading global online learning community, shall we? As of 2002, Udemy has to offer 155K courses, 56K instructors, and 65+ languages. You can learn programming, marketing, investing and more. I've personally found their free business courses extremely helpful. You can search for almost any topic and filter through the free results!

2. Skill Share

Ready for a new project? Want to learn about web development? Illustration? Planting? You name it. Skill Share is definitely one of my favorite learning platforms for creatives. Their online learning community offers over 1,000 courses. The courses are updated regularly, too!

3. Coursera

Coursera partners with over 200 universities and companies to bring online education to individuals and organizations all over the world. They provide good quality and relevant information while also being flexible. The coolest thing about Coursera isn't just that you have the option to choose from hundreds of free online courses, but that you can even use their platform to earn a university degree at an affordable price.

4. Open Culture

Open Culture is really just amazing. You could log on today and choose from over 1,000 online courses from top universities like Yale, Harvard, MIT, Oxford, etc., and learn for free! The site also offers informative podcasts, free movies, eBooks, language lessons, and more! Check it out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

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