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6 Home-Based Business Startup Ideas (2021)

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

6 Businesses You Can Start From The Comfort of Your Own Home

Home-Based Business Startup Ideas

1. Virtual Assistant

Nowadays, it seems as though everything is becoming virtual. Businesses (big and small) can greatly benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Having a great VA on board helps them improve their productivity by taking on time-consuming tasks, putting new processes in place, and capturing and organizing data so that they can focus on other things like scaling their business. This is huge, because as we all know... time is money. Virtual assistants perform tasks such as email and voicemail, scheduling, data input, lead generation, and more.

So, how can you start a virtual assistant business? You can either become an independent VA, set your own prices, and do some outreach until you find a compatible business to work with. Or, you can start your own agency by bringing on other qualified VA's to connect with businesses. Either way, you’ll need a website, a strong brand, a service niche of some sort, and a willingness to network.

Laptop starting a business working from home.

2. Content Writing

I know you may be thinking you'll need a journalism degree to start a freelance writing business. This isn't necessarily true. Great writing skills, discipline, and the ability to meet deadlines will do just the trick! There are many options, including books, articles, blogs, instructions, recipes, advertising, and more. Once you're up and running and ready to take on new clients, great platforms to promote your services are websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

3. Retail Arbitrage

What is retail arbitrage? In short, it's the process of buying products from one retailer and then re-selling them on websites such as Amazon, eBay, Mercari, etc. Typically those who do this will research products that they know are profitable, and then buy them in bulk. Or, they search for amazing sales which they can also turn a profit on.

There are also some cool apps available that turn your phone into a product scanner. That way when you're out shopping you can simply scan an item you're interested in and find out how profitable it will be. Retail arbitrage can be a lot of fun! It has the capability of being a great extra side hustle, or a full-time business from home.

4. Consulting

What are you an expert at? Social media? Fashion? Stocks? Whatever it may be, there are people out there who need your knowledge and guidance and are willing to pay money for it. Simply start by deciding your niche and developing a business plan. This business is great for those looking to work remotely, sometimes it can be as simple as owning a phone.

Web design business

5. Web Design

Web design requires skills and can take some time to learn. But once you do, the market is there for creating beautiful, converting websites. The key to this business, just like many others, is knowing your niche. This will make it easier to market your craft. For example, if a realtor needs to hire someone to create a website where they can display all their listings, they want someone who's experienced with this type of work and design. Opposed to someone else who may be an expert at creating stunning eCommerce websites.

6. Author

Ever dreamed of writing your own books? There are many helpful resources out there to help get your book edited and published, all you need to do is start. What's great about writing your own book nowadays is the ability to publish an eBook version, making it much more accessible to the public. You can use websites such as Canva to create your book cover and illustrations, and then upload the entire work to Kindle Direct Publishing and iBooks Author.

All of these business startups listed above are just a few ideas out of many. Hopefully, this will get your creative juices flowing. Either way, there's no better time than now. Develop a good business plan, set a few goals, and get to work! Thanks for reading.

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