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It's All About Connections

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Quick, essential tips for newbies who are working on building intelligent business relationships.

The one thing I've learned about building strong, lasting business relationships is that it doesn't happen over night. It takes time and energy, but people don't seem to want to put in the work. Stand out from your competitors and focus on building these essential relationships. Heres 3 tips on how:

Be Authentic

“You can easily sell the sizzle all you want... but no one's coming back for a steak that's rotten.”

Just be yourself, and accept others who show you their true selves, too. You can easily sell the sizzle all you want... but no one's coming back for the steak that's rotten. Sometimes when things seem exciting or promising, we're tempted to jump right in. Take the time to find people and companies you feel a natural connection and ease of communication with. The authenticity of connecting personalities, beliefs and view points can accelerate relationships.

Establish Mutual Respect

This will take some patience. We prove ourselves over time and through experiences. Demonstrate respectful behavior by being cordial and kind. Try not to show up late to meetings, and always listen actively and attentively. Be selective. If you don't see the opposing side demonstrating the same respectful behaviors, then it might not be worth building the relationship. If they are, however, then show your appreciation for it. Building mutual respect is key for growing relationships.

Ditch The Expectations

If we have preconceived expectations of people, then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.”

Always go into new relationships with an open mind. Let go of assumptions. Life happens, and whether we like it or not, things don't always go as planned. Which means business relationships may not always turn out the way we want them to. If we have preconceived expectations of people (or relationships), then we are setting ourselves up for disappointment. Try not to dwell on the relationships that don't work out, also. When one door closes, another will open.


Building authentic relationships is an important part of moving your business – and your life – forward. If you put in the time and work, you will be rewarded.

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