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Monthly Boss Q&A ft. Kealani

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

"Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art."

Monthly boss Q&A Independent Makeup Artists Read

You don't need to wear an expensive suit, or have a top-floor office with your name plastered on the door in order to classify yourself as a boss. Sometimes all it takes is simply doing what you love. For example, independent artists; more specifically - MUA's.

There's nothing more relaxing to me than listening to music and sitting in front of the mirror while experimenting with different palettes, products, etc. But that's not what being a MUA is all about. These men and women get down to business. It's a constant hustle to market themselves and make their talent known. They also have to continuously educate themselves on the latest products, trends, and techniques. They have to be social, and learn to deal with the "haters" who really don't understand the profession. And before I forget... makeup? Yeah... it's not cheap.

So, all that being said... I really wanted to shine the light on the independent MUA business this month and interview my friend Kealani from Las Vegas. She's a kick-ass makeup artist and always keeps it real 100% of the time. This stunning woman has so much talent! Just check out her IG and see for yourself @dopestforeal408_. And when you finish admiring all of her amazing looks, check out my interview with her below..

s: How old were you when you became interested in makeup/cosmetics?

k: I was actually about 18 when I became interested in cosmetics and aesthetics. I’ve worn it since about 13, the basics, but I wasn’t into it as much as I was in the later years.

s: I know recently you were booked and busy doing looks for a video shoot. What is that like?

k: I had two girls that are both going to be in the video. One girl wanted very natural make up, and the other one went for a more full glam look. Doing make up for camera is a lot different than just any other make up look, because if you use too much or too little of something for example a certain product or even a technique you did differently or wrongfully it will not show up very well on camera. And when you are doing something big you know people are going to see it... a lot of times being a freelance makeup artist word-of-mouth is everything. It went really well though and I’m very excited to see the final product when it releases.

s: Was makeup something that came naturally to you, or did it take practice over time?

k: Funny story, makeup is something I NEVER wanted to or thought I could do professionally. It kind of fell into my lap. My aunt had asked me to do her makeup for some photos and it turned out pretty decent for my first makeover ever! After that, the practice never ended.

s: I understand this profession in its own way is an art form, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Do you think people underestimate it as a craft?

k: I 100% think makeup is an underestimated craft. It’s different than other forms of art, yes. There’s technicalities but no rules. There’s opinions but no right or wrong. It’s just as much art as painting and drawing, except on skin. It takes practice, patience, and persistence just like any other art form.

s: In your opinion, what is the most important quality in a makeup artist?

k: In my opinion, the most important quality in a makeup artist is passion. Without passion you will not get the full experience of getting your makeup professionally done. There’s a difference between someone who can do makeup and someone who loves doing it. If someone loves it they will give you honesty, provide comfort & achieve maximum results for their clients all the time, every time.

s: Okay I’ve seen so many crazy looks on social media. So, also in your opinion, what is one makeup look/trend that people should stay far far away from?

k: One makeup look and trend I think people should stay away from is over sized eyebrows. Thick eyebrows is okay if you shape them according to your face shape. But they should not be the center of attention because it takes away from all other features that can be accentuated.

s: If people don’t need to get their makeup done, what are some other ways they can support independent MUAs?

k: Other ways people can support independent artists is simple word of mouth. If that particular person doesn’t need a service, I’m sure they know people who might. Pointing them in our direction really helps us gain potential clients for life.

s: Lastly, do you have any type of tips or advice for new MUAs just starting out??

k: Advice I have for new MUA’s starting out is BE YOURSELF. People are drawn to people. If you are true to who you are and believe in your art, people will see that. They will want to book with you because of the experience you provide. & lastly, never compare your progress to anybody else’s. We all learn differently and we all started somewhere. Stay focused & never stop learning.

I couldn't agree more.. "People are drawn to people". So just be yourself!! Stay true to who you are no matter what industry you're in. Don't lose yourself along the journey. To see more glamorous looks by Kealani check her out on IG @dopestforeal408_ like and follow! Stay creative friends.

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