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Show Your Home Who's Boss

Updated: May 27, 2021

5 WFH habits that'll keep you on top of your game.

Girl working from home on computer.

At this point a lot of us may feel like we'll be working from home indefinitely. Working from home is great, in my opinion! Here's a few ways to stay motivated.

1. Have A Designated Work Space

People who work from home don't always have a spare room for an office, or a local coffee bar with beaded pillows and latin cafe Pandora playing. But that doesn't mean work can't get done. And while I know it can be tempting to stay in bed or on the couch... it's important to have a designated work space. For example, when I began writing this article I was posted up on the couch playing Food Network in the background. It took me about 20 minutes to write this simple paragraph, because I was in lazy mode distracted by who beat Bobby Flay. This isn't how bosses get work done.

Find an area in your house where you can set up shop. This will take you from lazy mode to work mode, and you'll absolutely get more accomplished. You'll just feel more like a boss, too.

2. Create A Routine

Don't let the benefits of a more relaxed and flexible schedule fool you. Setting a routine is important; especially when your home becomes your new office. Starting a good routine in the morning influences the quality of your work, and even your entire day for that matter. Without it, you may wind up stuck on the couch again... not getting anything accomplished.

A routine will help you stay more organized, too. For example, coffee first - check messages second - follow up emails next... you get where I'm going. Having direction to your new mornings from home will save you a lot of anxiety in the long-run.

3. Stick To It

Call me old fashion, but I love writing in a journal. I know most of what I write can easily be put into my phone or computer, but that takes the fun out of it. Having a daily journal/planner as part of my morning routine helps tremendously. First I'll go over the section where I share what I'm grateful for. This makes everything that may have stressed me out the day before seem small. Next I'll go over my goals to get me a little amped up! And lastly I go over my daily tasks, and mark them off as I go. Some of the cutest and most efficient planners I've been able to find are on At this point my days wouldn't feel right without it!

4. Exercise Breaks

I know any work can be tiring no matter what it is you're doing. However, our health is more important than any job in the world. I'm not saying you have to stop what you're doing for a P90X session. Go for a walk. Stand for a bit. Or maybe try doing a set of squats every time you get up from your work space. You'll soon notice how much better and more energized you start to feel. Plus that comfy bed will seem even more worth it at the end of the day. Better sleep = better everything.

5. Maintain Work-Life

In your mind, you'll create the perfect work-life balance for yourself in which you wake up early to workout every morning, eat well-balance meals, take care of your family while running errands, and on top of that accomplish all the work you have to do... maybe while sitting at the park with and iced vanilla latte. Because you're a rockstar.

In reality, you'll be receiving messages and emails all day with never-ending push notifications that you can't ignore. You never take breaks, because if you tell yourself there's no sense in falling behind when you're already ahead, and you might miss a new notification. You promise yourself you'll go to the grocery store after this last project, but now it's 11 o'clock at night and all the stores are closed. And when it's time to shut it down and get some sleep, you still don't feel like you've done enough.

So what do we do? We set firm boundaries with ourselves. Make a habit of turning "work mode" off at a specific time every night. Schedule a date night or meetup with friends once in awhile at that same specific time, and don't flake! Incorporate an "off-day" into your schedule every week. Your body needs this day to reset, you deserve it. Screw all that bs talk that says you don't want your dream bad enough if you don't work for it 24/7. The only person who can tell you how badly you want your dream is you, and you won't be in the right mindset to remind yourself of it unless you rest.

Truthfully, there's not right or wrong way to becoming and incredibly productive person when working from home. By taking into consideration these habits along with many others you can try, you'll definitely get your WFH flow down in no time and kick-ass!

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