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Starting A Blog? Here Are 3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Updated: May 25, 2021

Am I committed? Why me? Is it worth it?

3 questions to ask yourself before you start a new blog.

When someone decides to start a blog (specifically with the intention of someday earning some money), of course, they want it to be successful. Who in their right mind would create a blog with intentions to fail? Well, my question is, if people want to be successful bloggers, then why are they setting themselves up for failure right off the bat? Let me elaborate…

There are three important questions you should ask yourself to determine whether or not you should start and/or continue blogging with the intention of making money from it in the future. Let's dig in!

1. Am I Committed?

Creating and maintaining a successful blog takes a lot of time commitment. If you're not committed to it, there is no doubt that it will fail. I wish I had run a poll about this, but I think that generally, a solid, quality blog post can take up to 2 or 3 hours to write (or more). And that's without any long breaks or distractions. Many posts require knowledge and research.

Depending on how often you plan on writing, this can add up to several hours a week. So the question is, can you commit to this? A better question is: can you see yourself spending this much time writing for your blog one year, two years, five years from now? If not, then why do it?

Let's compare it to dating, shall we?

Is there really a point to dating someone when neither of you see a future together? I never understood those people who when asked if they could see themselves marrying their significant other, they would respond with a “no”, or even a “maybe”. So you're saying you're going to break up, just not today or tomorrow, but someday? Sure, some people date around and have fun with no intention of marriage, but in the blogging world with the goal of earning an income, you can't score without commitment.

This is with any industry. Commit the time it takes to be successful, and you open up the possibility of being successful. Without committing the time, you can have the best content, products, methods, whatever in the world—it just wouldn't work.

2. Why Me, Why My Content?

With new bloggers entering the blogosphere each and every day, getting noticed is not an easy task. Before you even begin the design of your blog or writing anything, you have to ask yourself, “Why will people come to me?” “What do I have to offer that will make me stand out from everyone else in the same niche?” If you don't know, you'd better figure it out because that should be the strategy and focus of your blog. If you just follow the masses and create a blog that's similar to another, or write posts that have already been written somewhere else—then you're instantly making it more difficult than it should be to succeed.

There are plenty of other ways to be unique and stand out in your niche:

  • The style that you present the material is different and unique.

  • You are able to create the material and/or find it before anyone else.

  • You have a different take on the subject.

  • Maybe you've done something unique that not very many other bloggers can say they've done (i.e. Erica from, who sold a business for $1,100,000.00 dollars at the age of 26.)

  • Or maybe you have unique “secrets” or “methods” that no one else has.

These are just some ideas, but definitely not all of them. Think about this: anyone online can choose to get their information from anybody. Why should it be you? Figure it out, and milk it. $$

3. Is a Blog Even Worth It?

Based on the two previous questions, you might think it's best to just not blog at all. The commitment, the time and effort and writing content on a schedule, blah blah blah…it may seem like too much. And how will you know you'll even make a dime? My answer to that question is, you don't know. But, you'll never know unless you give it a shot, and by committing and finding out exactly how to stand out from the crowd, you will give yourself the best chance to succeed.

A blog is one of the best ways to help you earn money online. Why?

  • It's dirt cheap to start.

  • Hardly any technical know-how is needed.

  • You can set up a blog and start writing all in one day.

  • You can test out a niche for a period of time—if it doesn't work, move on to a new one with minimal losses. It's more flexible.

  • A blog is more personable, which will help you develop relationships with your readers must faster.

  • You can easily build a loyal group of followers with who you can communicate through your blog and its comments.

  • The blog can be used as a way to promote other products you may have created or membership websites related to your topic. It's also an easy way to recruit an affiliate sales force too!

So, let's ask ourselves the question again: Is blogging worthwhile? Yes—if done correctly and with patience, it can be very worthwhile. This third and final question is important, and is one that you should constantly be asking yourself throughout your blogging career, or any career, especially when the times are tough and you just don't feel like blogging or writing anymore. Is a blog worthwhile? Absolutely.

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