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4 Simple Tips For Finding A Great Accountant

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A Good Accountant Will Help You With More Than Just Taxes

Filing business taxes

When starting a small business, many people don't realize how crucial it is to hire a good accountant. They either feel as though they can do it themselves or they're focused on some other aspect of the business. Having an experienced accountant on your side will help you and the growth of your business tremendously. Here are some tips to help you find the best one for your situation.

I want to know what products and services the professionals are using, and why.


I love asking for referrals on just about anything. I want to know what products and services the professionals are using, and why. I also want to know how satisfied they are with said product/service. For example, is their accountant good with bookkeeping? Are they able to navigate tax laws and provide me with the financial advice I need to manage and grow my business? Will they try to help me save money where and when I can? Are they reliable? These are all very important factors to know when searching for an accountant. Also note: when asking someone for a referral, if they aren't willing to respond or discuss any questions asked I usually never consider their choice as an option.

Relevant Expertise

It's important to hire an accountant with experience preparing tax returns and financial documents for businesses similar in size, market, and revenue to yours. Back when I switched from being an independent contractor to a small business owner, I kept the same accountant thinking nothing of it. While he was still familiar with the basic tax laws and filed everything correctly, he would ask me many questions about my taxes that I had yet to know the answers to. He really wanted to help and we figured it out together, however, looking back I know if I had been working with an accountant in that specific expertise it would've saved us both a lot of time.

Make A List

Prepare a list of a few questions that you'd like to ask each accountant you speak to. Don't be shy, these are your finances we're talking about here. Your business's future. Ask them about their rates, and how they're determined. Also, ask them about their accessibility. What is their phone/email policy? You'll find it a lot less stressful when your accountant is easy to contact with any quick questions you have.

Set An Appointment

Once you have about 3-5 good referrals, you'll want to make an appointment with them to discuss their services and ask your questions. Phone calls and emails are okay, there's nothing like meeting face-to-face to gauge how well you'll work with someone. Nowadays most businesses are able to set up virtual appointments, so that's an option, as well. Find someone who makes you feel confident and comfortable with your decision.

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