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Monthly Boss Q&A ft. Chef Vee

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

"A little taste of heaven in the city of sin."

This week I wanted to combine my love for business and food together. Chef Vee, owner and founder of Somethin's Cooking in Las Vegas, Nevada, knows how to get down in the kitchen! She's created a name for herself and her cooking. I admire her so much, because she doesn't place any restrictions on Somethin's Cooking. And by that I mean, not only does she challenge herself by cooking different recipes (from vegan, to different ethnic foods, and even CBD infused recipes), but she's also a boss when it comes to expanding her business by offering cooking parties, private cooking lessons, catering services and more! And if pictures of Chef Vee's cuisines or her 5 star reviews don't have you sold yet, how about her appearance on Guy Fieri's Grocery Games season 5??

Believe it or not, all of her success stems from a McDonalds commercial Vee saw when she was just a little girl. It inspired her to recreate the McMuffin for her and her niece, and ever since then she's been creating her own concoctions in the kitchen. In 2002, Vee attended Le Cordon Bleu, California School of Culinary Arts, and finished her externship in Lima, Peru. by 2004 she had already began catering, and now she's made her way to the top by cooking for high profile celebrities, corporations, and being a kiss-ass mother! Check out our interview below..


s: How old were you when you discovered your love for cooking?

v: I was 9 years old.

s: On you share with us that prior to your move to Vegas and starting your catering company, you actually worked in the television and film industry. What influenced you to make such a huge life altering change, and are you happy you did?

v: My entire family is in the legal field, so it was only natural for me to keep my 9 to 5. I still had catering clients and would cook but it wasn’t full-time until I moved to lv.

s: How important is it for a chef to know business management, marketing, sales etc.?

v: Extremely, 90% off my business is based off engine searches and/or avid yelp users. I have to do better though.

s: What's the craziest request you’ve ever received?

v: One of the craziest requests I’ve ever received was to cater a wedding at $10 per person!

s: Somethin's Cooking offers such a variety of services. What came first, and what’s your favorite to offer?

v: Catering and I’d say my cooking classes because I love to teach.

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s: In many industries, especially the food industry... there are many critics, different ways of cooking, and a lot of competition. How do you stay true to yourself and outshine others?

v: I stay true to my client’s vision and help bring it to life. My line of work is more about customer service than the food.

s: How has covid affected your business, and what advice to you have for others for working through it?

v: I have lost over $100k due to covid but I didn’t let it stop me from re-inventing the wheel. I’ve been a hustler, so thinking outside the box for me wasn’t difficult. My advice to others is not to give up, and to remember what it took for them to get where they are and keep their eye on the prize.

s: I get so hungry every time I see your food posts on IG, but now I’m all the way on the other side of the country! How can I join in on all the deliciousness?!

v: Awww thanks!!!! I really want to host virtual cooking classes/parties. Either one on one or with a group of friends, and we can work together while I walk you through recipes.

Would anyone be down to do a virutal cooking class with Chef Vee and me?! Follow @iamchefvee for exclusive updates, or visit to join in on all the deliciousness!

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