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Monthly Boss Q&A ft. Gabriella Mack

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

An award-winning performing arts educator, coach and choreographer with over a decade of experience.

@gabulousworldwide @tentuneup

[gurl-bos]noun: An empowering woman that kicks ass, takes control of her life and achieves her dreams. Someone who knows her worth. Also known as, Miss Gabriella Mack.

When I first decided I wanted to spotlight a different entrepreneur every week, there was no hesitation on who I wanted to interview first. Gabbi is an award-winning performing arts educator, coach and choreographer with over a decade of experience. She has worked with many organizations across the USA, collaborating with groups of all ages, sizes and artistic disciplines. AND she owns her own business, $10 Tune Up. When I say this girl stays busy, I mean she stays busy.

But despite everything she's accomplished, she remains humble. I was browsing through her personal & $10 Tune Up Instagram accounts to chose images for this post... you can really tell she's true to herself, fearless, and she wants everyone to succeed.

I feel truly blessed that I get to call this inspiring woman my friend. Check out our Q & A below. Needless to say, I felt highly motivated when I finished writing it. I

s: Why did you create $10 Tune Up?

g: As artists it’s often harder for us to properly evaluate ourselves! For years I’ve watched my students and fellow performers struggle to find appropriate audition and performance material for themselves. So “$10 Tune Up” was created to bridge that gap, and help performers present themselves in their best individual light at insanely affordable prices!

s: Has creating and growing this business taught you anything new about yourself?

g: It’s taught me to truly trust my instincts. As an entrepreneur it’s easy to talk yourself out of taking certain risks because it feels like so much is on the line. But some of my “craziest” ideas have turned into my bestsellers and most beloved by clients!

s: What is Performer Potluck?

g: Performer Potluck was actually an idea I had pre-quarantine that’s grown into something really special! The original idea was to gather a group of actors at a “host home” each month and read/sing through plays and musicals together over food and drinks. Now we’ve made it virtual! It’s expanded from plays and musicals to virtual showcases, karaoke nights, forums and more! Our following has grown so quickly!

s: If you could start it all over again, would you?

g: Definitely!

s: What advice do you have for other's who are considering starting their own business?

g: It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon! Some weeks will be harder than others, but don’t give up! Make sure that your product/service is undeniably solid! If you have an amazing product, the clients will come!

s: Is there anything else you're currently working on?

g: We are working on launching affordable virtual classes/coaching for actors, performers, and anyone wanting to dip their toe into the entertainment pool!

And that's a wrap! Looking to dip your toe into the entertainment pool? Follow @gabulousworldwide @tentuneup for exclusive updates or visit www. for more information.

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